Rui Wang: "boat" How to Change into the "aircraft carrier"
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      Early winter, cold and cool very hot. We arrived at the Hefei summarized Town, Rui Wang Casting Co., Ltd. new factory interview, feel, and it is blowing warm. Just enter the factory, the reporter saw a foot high with tens of meters of new plant where they stand. Come within the new plant, we saw some workers are in full swing to install a single, large machinery and equipment, while others are stepping up production at full capacity. Fiery eyes busy scenes, people nowadays seem to feel the adverse impact of financial crisis. As we reveal some puzzling, the accompanying interview, Rui Wang Rui Wang Fei Foundry Co. bosses to press to open the phonograph ... ...
Rui Wang Hefei Casting Co., Ltd., formerly the Feidong cuozhen precision steel plant, the original is unknown, only 30 million yuan of funds for family-hand workshop. Rui Wang in order to charge under the US-led group of people working hard, after years of snowball development, Ruihong Gong Secretary growing rapidly, with annual output of 17,000 tons steel castings, 18,000 tons and 10,000 tons ingot Ball's capacity, production of series of precision castings, sand castings, steel ingot and "Ruixiang" brand ball, widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machine tools, ships, automobiless, agricultural machinery, chemical industry, as covers an area of 120,000 square meters, has 500 employees and nearly 100 million yuan worth of fixed assets focused in east China, one of casting, the real unknown by the leaf "boat" evolution of the foundry industry in Hefei Feidong and even the "aircraft carrier"

      On the development of enterprises, the total amount that seize opportunities, strengthen enterprise management, focusing on product quality is the magic of private enterprises to grow to maturity. In 1998, Hefei, foundry discontinued because of environmental and other causes. Rui Wang to seize this opportunity, the overall acquisition of the plant, the company later laid a solid foundation for growth. More importantly, the company has also seized the Hefei Casting & Forging Factory of intangible assets --- the market, further development of the enterprise even more powerful. In 1999, Ferrer macro has contracted power plant foundry in Hefei, in 2002 he decided to buy the whole foundry factory, the factory with advanced technology and equipment, Foundry Co., Ltd. Rui Wang received the development by leaps and bounds. Ruihong Gong for the Division's products in addition to Hefei and the "Yangtze River Delta" and so the domestic market, and account for a large market share, the same time actively expanding international operations, products exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Brazil and other countries. 

      Ruihong Gong Division always focus on quality, honor, reputation as a key to survival and development. "Production of qualified products to meet the needs of users" is the aim of the company. Company to strengthen the construction and personnel training, spared no expense to recruit from. The company currently has 8 senior engineers and other engineering and technical personnel 30 people. Increase business management and set up a modern enterprise system, carry out comprehensive business management, and adopted the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. The company also has a number of theoretical and practical experience with extensive quality control and inspection personnel, and build a chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, purchased the island of precision spectroscopy, including equipment, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic detector, etc., advanced testing equipment, and CAE by casting on the casting process simulation software to optimize all aspects of product manufacturing and related standards in accordance with customers rigorous testing to ensure product quality. 

      In order to further expand the production scale and adapt to changes in market conditions, Ruihong Gong Division side began to build new factory, while the precision casting and other preparations for a new deep-processing projects. In 2004, Hefei Casting Co., Ltd. Rui Wang Zhong Road in the group of Town, Dong-zheng to store nearly 60 acres, building a new plant. In 2005, construction started casting workshop. After several years of construction, the first half of this year, a modern new factory has shown signs Ruihong Gong Secretary shape. In the new plant in the region, the company invested more than 5000 million, built a building area of 8,000 square meters processing workshop, on the casting of blank pieces of deep processing, increased product technology content, increase value-added products is expected in May 2009 will be formally put into operation

      Towards the end of an interview, the words small, sternest the total amount of confidence, told reporters that the rushing current global financial turmoil, do to bring greater business impact. Support national efforts in the context of the development of SMEs, there are various levels of government help, with the enterprises themselves worked hard to overcome any difficulties. As at the end of October, Rui Honggong a Tax Division has already handed over only 600 million. Ruihong Gong Division is at full capacity, towards the completion of 200 million yuan annual output value, and paid the objectives of the Government rent nine million yuan struggling to sprint. 

      Currently, the county is carrying out "into the enterprise portal, knowledge business intelligence, enterprise solution is difficult, warm heart business" activities, "Heart enterprises, service industry" has become a county purpose and conscious action cadres, an "everybody's enterprise development, investment for all concerned, everyone concerned about the construction of "good atmosphere has been formed. The total amount of words, let us even more reason to believe that the county carry on the "industrial establishment County" strategy blueprint, will become a beautiful reality.

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